Entryway is painted!

The entryway has finally been painted and the new light is hung. It has been a long time coming because of the repairs and because we have gotten distracted on several other projects. Before:Here is a before picture from how the house looked before we bought it. The floors and wood detail are beautiful, but there … Continue reading Entryway is painted!

How to remove carpet

I have been removing carpet from all of the bedrooms upstairs...super fun stuff! The actual carpet removal is easier than I thought it would be and it provides some instant gratification when the carpet is gone. Tools:- gloves- crow bar- knife/blade- tape- cute canine helper- nasty carpet that you no longer want Step 1: Take a picture … Continue reading How to remove carpet

Living room inspiration

Can't wait to see my new couches that I ordered.  The picture below is of the swatch of antique charcoal grey that the couch will. be. Some pictures that I am using as inspiration as I pick out furniture for the family room: (Boxwoodclippings)(Ikea)(Ikea)(Gluckstein home)(Gluckstein home)(via)