I had been looking for two black urns for a few months for the front porch, but nothing was cheap enough catching my eye. I ended up spotting two stone-like urns at Gordmans that were the perfect size, and I knew with a little spray paint they could be perfect for my front porch. I didn’t notice that one of the urns had a little chip in the back making it only $9.99, so the two urns were around  $40 total (originally $29/ea)! 

My mom has a space in her basement dedicated to spray painting (she refinishes furniture for a living), so we set these in there and she helped me get them all covered. I used Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze. I didn’t use a primer beforehand because the material of the urns was fine without it. 

And here is one finished! I love how they turned out. 

It was actually snowing in this picture if you can see!

Happy Holidays!

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