The title to this post is a little deceiving because there is no “after” yet. The laundry room is completely in the “before” stage. I know better than to jump into a million projects a once… but this laundry room can be spruced up quickly and for cheap in my very honest (and very OVER this room) opinion. So here is the tour of the lovely room. 

Entering the laundry/utility room, you see a cinder block wall, a bunch of old pipes, insulation, and dirt!
 I have all my stuff shoved to one side of the room because the other side literally has dirt on the ground.. Can’t clean it till I can get those pipes out.

 I bought the washer and dryer myself off of Craigslist. They aren’t perfect… a few scuffs and a couple quirks.. but I felt so proud buying them. It felt like my official crossing over to grown-up land. I can’t say I like the look of the wood over the window, but my dad says it serves a purpose so I wouldn’t want to mess with that!! 😉
 Pipes and dirt.
 This is the wall opposing the washing machine. It is probably my favorite part of the laundry room because it is a fresh slate. After the walls get a coat of fresh white paint I think the place will start looking a lot better. Maybe add art or a chalkboard paint design? Got the indoor-outdoor rug from Marshalls last weekend for $79. Its a 5×7, thought that was a pretty decent deal!

This is the utility side of the room. Besides covering the area up with sheets or curtains, I think I will have to just pretend that this part of the room doesn’t exist?

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