I am excited to share the changes that we made to the powder bath that is on the first floor of our house. There are some little areas that need to be finished off, like trim and eventually crown molding. Also, is a space ever really finished? I am always switching out and changing!

So, where did we start? Gosh, we started back in 2018 but it felt more like 1970. This tiny nook of a bathroom was carpeted over linoleum, with a yellow tan floral wallpaper that looked and smelled like its hay day had expired decades ago.

Taking down this wallpaper was a process. We had to remove wallpaper from other rooms, but this room gave us the most trouble and ultimately we used various techniques, including a commercial wallpaper steamer, fabric softener, scrapers, and putty knives. We realized that this was not the only layer of wallpaper; there were several layers. And we also realized that the wallpaper was put directly on plaster, meaning there was no layer of paint or drywall behind it to allow for smooth removal.

In the end, we had to hire someone to come smooth the wall afterward. Buyers, beware. If your house has really old wallpaper, it may be best to just hire someone from the get-go and not try to DIY the removal. My husband says we can’t even buy a house with wallpaper anymore!

Once the wallpaper we removed, we had the fun job of demo 🙂

I enjoyed planning this tiny space. I made two idea boards and ultimately went with the black mirror option, typical for me.

We painted the walls using Behr paint, matched to Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore, at 75% strength. When we had the floors refinished, we carried the hardwood into this bath and it has held up well so far. We also purchased a new toilet and pedestal sink.

I purchased the black arched mirror from One Kings Lane, similar available here (link). The polished nickel faucet is from Amazon (link). The faucet was a great price, and it has worked well for the past two years. One day I may replace this with a higher end “lifetime” piece, but for now it does the job and is priced right for polished nickel.

I did not end up purchasing the Melanie Severin art piece that I used in my idea board, but I still love it and am trying to figure out a place I could use it in my home. I found this framed floral print at Home Goods and thought it was a good option for now.

I am looking forward to adding crown molding and final details to the space. I am thinking about adding a cute plaque to the pocket door to add visual interest and to help our guests find the bathroom– something like this:

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them. I would love to do a peel and stick wallpaper but I think perhaps Pete is scarred from our most recent wallpaper removal experiences!

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