They said time would fly and it sure did! I really truly cannot believe my little guy is now one year old.

We had fun plans to celebrate your birthday with family and friends, but the Quarantine changed things up. Instead, we enjoyed a nice day at home, with lots of balloons and treats, and then had a video call with all of our family to sing happy birthday. You loved the cake so much!

The past year has been such a wild ride. I was so unprepared for how much my life would change, but you upended things in the best of ways and our world is such a wonderful place with you in it.

Some fun milestones from the past year:

  • First Coo: Five Weeks Old
  • First Smile: Six Weeks Old
  • First Laugh: Four Months Old
  • Sat up Alone: Five Months Old
  • First Food: Five Months Old (oatmeal and avocado!)
  • Firth Tooth: Six Months Old
  • First Time Crawling/Scooting: Eight Months Old
  • First Word: Dada at Eight Months Old
  • First Haircut: Eight Months Old
  • Slept Through the Night: Eight Months Old
  • Walking: TBD, although you can stand and move around with support

Brooks, you are silly, happy, dramatic, loud, fun, wild, independent, cuddly, and oh so lovable. Thank you for being you. You give our life meaning and we love you so!

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