I’ve previously mentioned that the Fall of 2015, my husband Pete and I moved out of our first house on Camp Avenue after I was offered a job at a  law firm in downtown Chicago.  We spent about 2.5 years in Chicago, where we lived in a few different neighborhoods and fell in love with the city.

We lived in a cute coach house in Wicker Park.
We then moved to a 2-flat in Lincoln Park/Lakeview by Wrigley Field.
We loved every second of Chicago but knew eventually I would want to transition out of the high-stress law firm life to a more manageable position.  After keeping my eye out, I found a perfect position back in my hometown.  Before I even went in for my interview, my husband and I perused Zillow and found the perfect dutch colonial home in a quaint neighborhood we love.  We were disappointed to find out a few days later that house went under contract.  However, in an interesting and somewhat fateful turn of events, after my first interview and days before my second interview, the pending contract on the house fell through.  I then got my job offer, worked through the details, and we put an offer on our cute home.
 The inside is just as darling as the outside, but I will save that tour for a later post.  So what is happening now? We closed on the house on March 13, 2018 and began our search for home improvement providers for a few thing we wanted to complete before we moved in (i.e., hardwood floors).  Pete is still at our apartment in Chicago finishing out his school year teaching and will be moving here at the end of May.  (And me, I am currently crashing at my parents’). That gave us a few months to get everything finished before fully moving, and we are getting close to the wire.  Stay tuned for more details on the house!


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