Just another camper remodel update — this is pretty much all we are doing in our free time lately (besides some wedding planning) since our trip to the east coast is scheduled to kick off July 1.

I finally painted the interior walls and cabinets. For the walls, I went with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray at 50% strength in eggshell. I actually used the Behr Paint + Primer and had Home Depot look up the Benjamin Moore color and match it.

All the faux (and some real? not sure) wood was painted Benjamin Moore White Dove in semi-gloss. Again, went with the color match at Home Depot. 

Despite taping everything, I feel like the end result got a little sloppy here and there, so I will have to do some touch ups. I think I pretty much totaled the microwave. Yeesh!

And finally, instead of new countertops, I think we are going to go with a granite-looking contact paper for now. We tested it out, and it looked fine to me, at least for now. I forgot to take a picture and Peter rolled the test paper into a ball. So if it looks all crumpled below….

Lastly, I totally forgot about the walls behind the back bunk and ran out of paint. Luckily, we had some 100% strength Edgecomb Gray from a previous project and used it back there. I doubt anyone will notice, especially because it is a rarely-seen or used space. 

Have a great weekend! Less than a month until our first trip!

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