My bedroom has seen some serious improvement since the day we got the place.

We repaired the plaster, removed the carpet, and sanded the floors.

Then, I moved all of my bedroom stuff into the room. I got bamboo blinds, a headboard, and some other random items. The room is kind of crowded with furniture I don’t want in there (hint: the Ikea shelving unit next to my bed) because my closet/dressing room is still under construction.
(This was literally right after I moved my stuff in)

The room is slowly starting to come together.
I purchased a black bordered hotel-style duvet cover from Gilt, which I really like. I’m not crazy about those teal pillow from Pier1 that are currently on the bed. I’ve had them for years and used them in various places. They are super comfortable, but I don’t want things matchy-matchy in this room. I’m not sure what will go in their place yet though. I do love the new faux fur mink throw that I picked up at Pier1 yesterday on sale (available here). 

The bamboo shades and bamboo storage baskets are making the room look a bit too “natural” for me, which is not quite my taste. I plan to white-wash those shades for a brighter look. I also want to get some light curtains hung once I can decide on what kind I’d like. 

Also on my list for 2015 is to paint the bedroom furniture either black or white, change out the hardware (if painted black), and add a nightstand and matching white lamps on either side. I also want to hang art.

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