My Ikea Hemnes furniture came with plain and standard knobs. I don’t hate them but I also was not crazy about them.
So, I picked up some crystal knobs on sale at Anthropologie and swapped them out. They are on the bigger side and I am still trying to see if I like them. 

I also got some colorful knobs from Anthropologie to add to the armoire in my entryway and I really like how it looks.
I set my Lulie Wallace prints on top and it seemed to give the space some life! (P.S. I am obsessed with her art. Loveeee it).

It is nice having a few rooms in the downstairs almost done so I can just work on styling and decorating as time permits.

There are still two rooms upstairs that need complete gut jobs… and the kitchen isn’t looking too hot either. Hope to get a move on with those soon!

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