So the single upstairs bathroom at the house is okay but leaves a lot to be desired. On the plus side, there is a new vanity, hardwood floors, white tiles in the shower area, and a semi-new toilet. On the negative side, there is a gaping hole in the wall, no mirror, a weird/gross toilet seat made of fabric (eew), and a dirty tub. 


I found some inspiration online and bought this mirror, pictured below, from Gordmans for only $34! What a steal. My parents hung the mirror up so that they had at least one mirror in the house. Rest assured, that hole in the wall will be filled in and the walls will be painted. This was just a temporary thing. But it is still exciting that there is PROGRESS. 
(My parents texted me: “Bathroom reno finished!! 😉 hehe”)

Here are some pictures I used as inspiration for the bathroom. I think I found the exact mirror as from the pictures below, although she apparently got hers from Lowes or Home Depot. 
Loving the greige walls with the crisp white towels and shower curtain. 

I will definitely need some over-the-commode storage. 🙂

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