My parents closed on the house this past Monday, and so now the renovations have begun! As of this week, my parents have secured the premises, mowed, and done some initial work on the water and pipes. They ran into an unfortunate stopping point when they went to get the water turned on and there was a leak somewhere…. so that has to be fixed before the water can actually be turned on. It is pretty inconvenient for them (and everyone else helping) to not have access to water during the renovations so this is a big priority for them.

Yesterday, I was in town and went to the house to clean the floors. I used the floor-cleaning wet vacuum with a mixture of vinegar and dish soap and it seemed to work pretty well! The floor could use a few re-cleanings though but the initial run through was a success.

The kitchen floor was realllllly dirty and it was fun to see the change that a basic cleaning could bring about. I can’t wait until that grout is painted white and the walls are touched up. And that horrible dishwasher has to go!
I also washed the interior windows, and man were they dirty. I wish I took a picture of my paper towels after that. 

I am now back in Champaign, IL studying for the bar exam again, wishing I was in Rockford helping with the repairs! Can’t wait to get back there!

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