Dressed up walls

I finally made the trip to Ikea to get some curtains and curtain rods. (Side note: NEVER go to Ikea on a Saturday if you can avoid it. Seriously. Ugh.) Anyway, I purchased the Ritva curtains at 118" length. They were $34 per pair, very reasonable! I have nine foot ceilings and wanted to be … Continue reading Dressed up walls

Entryway is painted!

The entryway has finally been painted and the new light is hung. It has been a long time coming because of the repairs and because we have gotten distracted on several other projects. Before:Here is a before picture from how the house looked before we bought it. The floors and wood detail are beautiful, but there … Continue reading Entryway is painted!

Paint in the kitchen

Paint is on the walls in the kitchen :)Also got a call yesterday that the family room furniture I ordered is in! They are going to hold it for a few weeks until I can pick it up. Bar exam in 11 days!! Yikes.